BC Star Awards

River Flair offers training and assessment for BCU Star awards in both Kayak and Canoe.

BC 1 Star Kayak or Canoe Training & Assessment

The one star award can be taken in any kind of paddle sport craft, from a sit-on-top to a sea kayak. It is assessed on flat water and assessment candidates need to demonstrate that they can maintain control of their boat using basic skills.

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £100 pp – for large groups a reduced rate can be arranged.

BC 2 Star Kayak and Canoe Training & Assessment    

The two star is intended as an improvement award that helps paddlers develop the fundamental flat water skills in both kayak and canoe. Assessment candidates need to show that they have gained a certain amount of experience, that they have developed a greater understanding of how to move their boat and what effect their body and paddle can have on this movement.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: £225 pp (this includes provision of an alternative craft for those candidates who do not own both a canoe and a kayak) – for large groups a reduced rate can be arranged.

BC 3 Star White Water Kayak Training & Assessment Course

The three star is for intermediate kayakers who have some experience of paddling on moving water and can demonstrate competence when paddling on simple pieces of grade 2 water.

Duration: 4 Days

Cost: £299 pp – for large groups a reduced rate can be arranged.