The courses we offer will give you the skills and confidence you need to continue to improve on your own.


Core Skills – Beginner Kayaking Courses

If you’ve never tried kayaking before, or have only just started to learn, this is the course for you. We will not only teach you the core skills you need to get started, but also how to develop great technique in those skills. This will ensure you build a solid foundation from which you can progress.

This course will be on flat water in a sheltered location so as to provide you with a stress-free learning environment.

Cost: £100 pp (one day)

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“Going with the Flow” – an introduction to white water kayaking

You’ve got the core skills and you want to start paddling rivers. This course will teach you how to transfer your flat water skills onto moving water. You’ll learn how to move in an out of the flow, whilst maintaining balance and speed. We’ll give you the skills to start reading the river and choosing your lines, so that you can go with the flow.

Cost:  £100 pp (one day) , £190 pp (two days)

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Style the Line

If you have some white water experience, but you’re struggling to make eddies well or paddle your line as smoothly as you’d like, then this course is the answer. We’ll teach you techniques to make your paddling smooth and how to use the water effectively so you can hit the top of every eddy and style every line.

Cost:  £210 pp (two days)

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Learn to Fly – Steep Creeking Skills

You’re an experienced white water paddler, but you’re not as smooth as you like to be. Maybe you can’t quite get your boof right, or you don’t seem to paddle drops as stylishly as you’d like. This course will teach you tactics and technique that will keep you smooth when the river gets steep. We’ll teach you how to boof, how to flair, how to fly!

ColombiaCost: £250 pp (two days)

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Paddle Like a Jedi

A Jedi does not ‘try’, they either ‘do’ or ‘do not’.

This course will focus on increasing your confidence and self belief on and off the water. It will look at challenging and changing the language you use, give you techniques with which to draw confidence from previous successes and teach you to use visualisation to focus your mind on positive outcomes.

Our aim is to help you do what you know you can, and paddle like a Jedi.

Paddle like a JediCost: £100 pp (one day)

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