Women Only Courses

At River Flair we believe in providing courses that are tailored to suit the needs of everyone we coach, and that starts with providing the best possible learning environment.

Women-Only courses are one way in which we endeavour to achieve this.

The best environment

These courses can provide a supportive, ego-free and fun atmosphere which offers something completely different to the often male-dominated learning environments that most women are used to.

As well as offering all of our standard River Flair courses as Ladies-Only courses, we also offer two courses designed specifically for women. These are staffed by both male and female coaches, however we are happy to just provide female coaches for any River Flair course if requested.


 Using the Force

This two day course is open to anyone, regardless of experience. It’s aim is to help you learn to use the flow and force of the water to move around the river and paddle your line smoothly.

The best paddlers are not stronger than everyone else, they are the ones who get the water to do the work for them. By learning to use the river, you will become both effortless and smooth in your paddling, and one with the force!


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Paddle like a Jedi

A Jedi does not ‘try’, they either ‘do’ or ‘do not’.

This course will focus on increasing your confidence and self belief on and off the water.It will look at challenging and changing the language you use, give you techniques with which to draw confidence from previous successes and teach you to use visualisation to focus your mind on positive outcomes.

Our aim is to help you do what you know you can, and paddle like a Jedi.


The Best EnvironmentCourse Cost: £89

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