The Pucon Classics

  • Day 1 – Get picked up from Temuco Airport, drive to Pucon and relax at one of the many great restaurants in the shadow of Volcan Villarica.
  • Day 2 – Warm up on the crystal clear waters of Pucons’ local playruns, the Rio Liucura and the lower section of the Rio Trancura.
  • Day 3 – Have your first taste of Chiles’ steeper drops on the Upper Section of the Rio Trancura, Pucons’ challenging class 4/5 rafting run.
  • Day 4 – Paddle your first Chilean waterfalls on the upper and lower sections of the iconic Rio Palguin.
  • Day 5  – Head out on the first of two days trips from Pucon, to the beautiful and committing gorges of the Rio Maichin.
  • Day 6  – Paddle the tight and technical drops of the Rio Llancahue, on the second day trip from Pucon, starting with a clean 20ft waterfall and finishing with a relaxing soak in a natural hot spring with a cold beer.
  • Day 7 – Those who still have the energy can test their nerve on the steep slides and must-run waterfalls of the Rio Nevados. Alternatively, you can round off the trip running laps on the waterfalls of the Upper Rio Plaguin, the best back-yard run in the world, courtesy of Ben May.
  • Day 8 – Airport drop off at Temuco, fly back to Santiago and then catch your flight home.